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A Cardano Staking Service


Our nodes are running in a commercial data center to provide a reliable staking experience - 99.9% aviability.

Linux Servers

Linux offers reliability and security. All of our servers benefit from the stability of Linux

Live Monitoring

CROWN uses Prometheus and Grafana to monitor our nodes. We have alerts to inform us if any issues arise and the ability to quickly login 24/7 to respond to any suituation.


CROWN will remain competitive with our fee structure. On main net the market will determine how fees will be structured. We intend to adjust to market conditions and remain competitive while covering our costs and time to run the pool.


We share our data with PootTool to gain the trust of the community and anyone looking for a place to stake their ADA.

About Cardano

Third Generation Blockchain


Cardano is an ambitious project that builds on lessons learned from previous blockchains.

IHOK has been at the forefront of researching and developing Cardano.  It is the first blockchain project built from the ground up that is based on scientific peer-reviewed academic research.

  • Sustainability
  • Scalability
  • Interoperability

Charles Hoskinson - Vision of Cardano


Follow the progress of Cardano as the project moves through each phase.

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A central resource to for information about Cardano. Learn about the philosophy, research, academic papers, reports and audits.

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IOHK is a engineering company that researches and builds blockchains. They are behind the development and deployment of Cardano.

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Cardano Foundation

The Cardano Foundation focuses on driving adoption, shaping legislation, commercial standards and growing the community.

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Emurgo is the official commericial and venture arm of Cardano. They developed the Yoroi Wallet, Seiza Explorer and Tangata Manu.

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Choosing A Stake Pool

Made Simple

At some point the protocol stops paying rewards to a pool once it hits the saturation point.  When a pool reaches saturation, any rewards that are earned for a particular pool are split among more (stake) people.  This means everyone in that pool will earn less rewards for that epoch.  If a pool is saturated it is best for everyone to choose a different pool until the pool falls back below saturation.

Stake pools need to be ready to make their assigned blocks at all times.  Multiple factors determine a pools ability to create blocks when the time comes.

  • Server up time
  • Block height – is the pool always in sync with the network
  • Slot battles – how often does the pool win competitive slots

Pools charge fees to provide the service of having a simple way for everyone to delegate stake to the protocol to support the network.

  • Fixed fees – Static fee for each epoch
  • Variable fee – Percent of the total rewards for each epoch

Daedalus Wallet

Yoroi Wallet